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AIM Heat Pump High Temperature Forced Air(HTFA)

AIM Heat Pump High Temperature Forced Air (HTFA) is a heat treatment technology widely used in the agricultural and food processing industries. This technology is mainly used to kill pests, pathogens and other microorganisms in food and agricultural products to extend the shelf life of products and ensure their safety. The principles, applications, and advantages of AIM Heat Pump HTFA are described in detail below.



AIM Heat Pump High Temperature Forced Air Use a heating system and fans to create hot airflow that flow evenly through the items to be handled. By maintaining a certain temperature and time, it can effectively kill the eggs, larvae, pupae and adults of the pests, as well as inhibit the growth of microorganisms. This method usually requires precise temperature control and a good air circulation system to ensure the effect of heat treatment.



Agriculture: After the harvest of agricultural products, such as grains, grains, nuts, and certain fruits, forced ventilation with high temperature can reduce the number of pests and pathogens and prolong the storage time.

Food processing: During food processing, high-temperature forced ventilation can be used for heat treatment of raw materials or finished products to eliminate potential food safety risks.

Quarantine treatment: For import and export commodities, especially agricultural products, high temperature compulsory ventilation can be used as a quarantine measure to ensure that the commodities meet the plant hygiene standards of the destination country.



Efficient: AIM Heat Pump HTFA can quickly increase the temperature inside the items, thus accelerating the killing process of pests and microorganisms.

Uniformity: Through forced ventilation, the hot air can be evenly distributed in every corner of the treated item, to ensure that the whole item is effectively heat treated.

Safety: Compared with the use of chemical fumigants, high-temperature forced ventilation is a physical treatment method that does not produce harmful chemical residues.

Energy saving: Modern high-temperature mandatory ventilation systems are usually equipped with energy recovery devices that can recover some of the heat energy and reduce energy consumption.

Flexibility: You can adjust the temperature and time according to different processing requirements, which is suitable for a variety of different types of items.



AIM Heat Pump HTFA Is an effective heat treatment method, which plays an important role in the agriculture and food processing industry. With precise temperature control and good air circulation, this method can ensure the safety and quality of agricultural products and food, while having the advantages of high efficiency, uniformity, safety and energy saving. With the development of technology, high-temperature compulsory ventilation will continue to play an important role in the field of food safety and plant protection.So HTFA is better way than vapor heat treatment for mango fruit fly control.

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