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AIM heat pump wood pallet heat treatment machine

In international freight, wooden pallets are a common cargo support and transportation tool, and their safety and compliance are crucial. In order to prevent the spread of pests and diseases, many countries require that wooden pallets for export must undergo specific treatments. At present, fumigation and heat treatment are the two main treatment methods.


Fumigation treatment

Fumigation is a traditional method of treating wooden pallets by using chemical fumigants such as methyl bromide or phosphine to kill pests and microorganisms in the wooden pallets.


But there are many serious problems with fumigation.

Environmental impact: The chemical fumigants used have a certain impact on the environment, and some countries have begun to restrict or ban the use of certain chemical agents.

Operational risks: The fumigation process requires professional operation and strict safety measures to prevent harm to the operator and the surrounding environment.

Processing time: The fumigation process may take a long time, affecting the efficiency of cargo transportation.


AIM heat pump wood pallet heat treatment equipment

AIM heat pump wood pallet heat treatment equipment uses advanced heat treatment technology to kill pests and microorganisms in wood pallets by precisely controlling temperature and time.




Environmentally friendly: AIM heat pump technology does not use any chemical fumigants and has no pollution to the environment.

Operational safety: The heat treatment process is safe, and there is no need to worry about the risk of chemical leakage or operator poisoning.

Efficient and fast: AIM heat pump equipment can complete the heat treatment of wooden pallets in a short time and improve the efficiency of cargo handling.

Cost-effectiveness: Although the initial investment is relatively high, in the long run, the overall cost is lower due to reduced chemical use and improved treatment efficiency.

International recognition: Heat-treated wooden pallets comply with the standards of the International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC) and are widely accepted by the international market.


With the increasing global requirements for environmental protection and operational safety, AIM heat pump wooden pallet heat treatment machine has gradually become the preferred alternative for fumigation treatment due to its environmental protection, safety and efficiency. Choosing AIM heat pump heat treatment can not only ensure the compliance of wooden pallet exports, but also enhance the company's environmental image and contribute to sustainable development.

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