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Advanced Alternative to Vapor Heat Treatment | AIM HTFA Heat Treatment

High-temperature forced air treatment (HTFA) and steam heat treatment (VHT) are both used as heated air treatment methods for fresh fruits and vegetables, but there are some differences in their treatment methods and effects.


Here are the advantages of HTFA over VHT:

Avoid surface condensation: A major feature of HTFA is to keep the dew point temperature below the fruit surface throughout the treatment, thus avoiding the formation of condensation on the fruit surface. This helps reduce water stains that may damage the appearance of the fruit while also reducing weight loss due to evaporation.

Reduce fruit surface damage: Because HTFA avoids the formation of condensation on the fruit surface, it can reduce the possible physical damage to the fruit surface. This is very important for maintaining the market value and appearance quality of the fruit.

More consistent heating: HTFA heats the fruit by forcing air circulation, which facilitates more consistent heating throughout the treatment batch. This uniform heating helps to ensure that all fruits meet the required heat treatment standards, thereby improving the overall effectiveness of the treatment.

Possible faster heating times: While Vapor Heat Treatment warms faster due to latent heat released by water vapor condensation, HTFA may also achieve faster heating times in some cases, especially on commercial scales, by forcing air flow and maintaining low dew point temperatures.

Adaptability to environmental conditions: The HTFA design allows for adjustments under different environmental conditions to better adapt to different commodity and processing facilities. This flexibility may allow the efficient application of HTFA in different geographical locations and climatic conditions.

The effect of reducing reduction on the effect: The humidity level during HTFA treatment may have little effect on the heat treatment effect, which may allow the consistency of the heat treatment effect under different humidity conditions. HTFA, combined with AIM heat pump technology has become the most advanced fruit heat treatment solution, and is an ideal alternative to Vapour Heat Treatment.


Advantages of the AIM heat pump technology

Low energy consumption: The AIM heat pump works by transferring and lifting heat energy, rather than generating heat directly. This means that the energy consumption of AIM heat pumps can be reduced to 30% compared to conventional heating methods. This energy-efficient approach not only reduces operating costs, but also helps reduce the environmental impact.

Efficient heating: The AIM heat pump system quickly delivers heat energy to processed fruits, ensuring uniform quality throughout the entire batch. This efficient heating method helps to shorten the processing time and improve the production efficiency.

Rapid cooling: After the heat treatment, the AIM heat pump system can be quickly converted to a cooling mode to quickly reduce the temperature of the fruit through refrigeration. This rapid cooling function is essential to avoid overheating and fruit quality loss, helping to maintain the freshness and nutritional value.

Temperature control: The AIM heat pump technology provides a precise temperature control function, which is essential to ensure the effectiveness of the HTFA treatment. With precise control of the heat and cooling processes, AIM heat pump technology ensures that the fruits are in the optimal temperature range throughout processing.

Strong adaptability: The AIM heat pump system is designed to enable it to adapt to different processing environments and requirements. Whether at high or low temperature environment, AIM heat pump can provide stable and reliable performance, and ensure the effect of HTFA treatment.

Environmental and sustainable: The application of AIM heat pump technology helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions because it uses far less energy than conventional heating methods. This environmentally friendly nature makes the AIM heat pump technology ideal for sustainable agricultural production.


The application of AIM heat pump technology in HTFA not only improves the efficiency and effect of heat treatment, but also helps to reduce energy consumption and protect the environment. Through the precise temperature control and the rapid heating and cooling function, the AIM heat pump technology ensures the quality and safety of the fruit throughout the treatment process. With the increasing global attention to food safety and sustainable production, AIM heat pump technology will undoubtedly become an important development direction for agriculture and food processing industry in the future.

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