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Alfalfa Drying Machine | AIM heat pump dehydrator

Alfalfa drying: Why it is important and the advantages of AIM heat pump dryers

Alfalfa (Medicago sativa), also known as alfalfa or clover, is a perennial legume, widely used in feed and green manure. Alfalfa not only has high nutritional value, contains a lot of protein and vitamins, but also has a significant effect on soil improvement. The nodules of alfalfa are able to fix the nitrogen in the atmosphere and increase the soil fertility, so it plays an important role in agriculture.


Why to dry alfalfa

Alfalfa contains a lot of water in the fresh state, which not only increases the difficulty of storage and transportation, but also easily leads to decay and mildew, leading to a decline in nutritional value. Therefore, drying alfalfa is an effective way to maintain its nutritional value and prolong its storage time. The dried alfalfa can be made into hay or granules for easy storage and transportation, and is an important feed source for animal husbandry.

AIM heat pump dryer introduction

AIM heat pump dryer is an advanced drying equipment that uses heat pump technology to heat the air by absorbing the heat in the environment to realize the drying of alfalfa. This technology is not only environmentally friendly, but also efficient and energy efficient.


Advantages of the AIM heat pump dryers

Mass drying: The AIM heat pump dryer is designed for mass production and can treat large amounts of alfalfa at one time to meet the needs of large farms or processing plants.

High efficiency: Heat pump technology makes the AIM dryer very efficient in energy utilization, compared with the traditional drying method, can significantly reduce energy consumption.

Energy saving: Due to the principle of heat pump technology, AIM dryer only needs a small amount of electric energy to drive the heat pump cycle in the operation process, compared with the direct heating method, can save a lot of energy.

Environmental protection: AIM heat pump dryer will not produce harmful emissions in the process of use, it is environmentally friendly, in line with the requirements of the current environmental protection production.

Intelligent control: equipped with advanced control system, it can automatically adjust the drying parameters according to the humidity and drying requirements of alfalfa to ensure uniform and efficient drying of alfalfa.

Low maintenance costs: The durability and reliability of the heat pump system means low maintenance costs and reducing long-term operations.

Improve alfalfa quality: The AIM heat pump dryer can gently dry alfalfa to keep its nutrients free from damage and improve the quality of the final product.



Drying alfalfa is an important step in ensuring its nutritional value as a feed. AIM heat pump dryer provides an ideal solution for alfalfa drying. With agricultural modernization and increasing awareness of environmental protection, the AIM heat pump dryer is expected to play a greater role in the future agricultural production.

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AIM-260ZB Bin Type Dry Alfalfa Dehydrator Heat Pump DryerDrying Machine 

Quick and Gentle Drying

Model Number: AIM-260ZB
Material Loading Capacity: Large Capacity Optional for 5 tons, 10 tons, 15 tons......per batch

Energy consumption: 6.5~ 25 kw/h

Temperature range: Ambient temperature to 75C

Material of trays: stainess steel 304

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