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Mosquito Repellent Incense Drying Machine

The mosquito-repellent incense industry is characterized by low added value, high energy consumption and high pollution. The traditional way is to burn coal to transfer heat through heat pipes, and then blow it to the material through high-power fans. The dehumidification way is also straight discharge, which causes large heat loss and also pollutes the environment.


After the production of mosquito-repellent incense still contains a lot of water, so it is necessary to dry the mosquito-coil incense. After drying, the mosquito-repellent incense can not only retain the original efficacy and color, but also is not easy to warp and deformation, which is easy for preservation and transportation. The traditional drying method of mosquito coil mostly uses coal or electric heat pipe to transfer heat, and then uses high-power fan to blow the heat on the mosquito coil for drying, and the dehumidification method is also straight through the fan. This drying mode has a large heat loss, and the waste gas generated by coal burning will cause air pollution, and these drying equipment is too simple, which is easy to produce fire and other safety hazards.



Mosquito repellent incense heat pump dryer energy saving and environmental protection, the continuous air as the main source of energy, the overall drying of mosquito coil incense is mainly in medium and low temperature, the dried mosquito coil incense not only preserves the original efficacy and color, and does not warp deformation, high intensity is not fragile, the whole process is safe and hygienic, no safety risks.


Here to introduce the heat pump drying process of mosquito coil incense:

The first stage: the starting temperature control at 45℃, humidity control at 60%, drying for 3-5 hours.

The second stage: the medium-stage temperature is adjusted to 50℃, dry for 1-2 hours.

The third stage: the humidity is not adjusted, and the temperature adjustment is at 55℃.

Currently, the temperature is from 15 to 60 degrees, and the height of 70 degrees mosquito coil incense will become warped. The drying time is about six hours. The overall drying of mosquito-repellent incense is mainly at medium and low temperature. The dried mosquito-repellent incense not only preserves the original efficacy and color, but also does not warp the deformation, and the strength is not fragile. 

Heat Pump Industrial Mosquito-repellent Incense Dryer Machine-----Click here to choose

Heat Pump Industrial Mosquito-repellent Incense Drying Equipment For Sale

Quick and Gentle Drying

Model Number:  DTC-03SB

Material Loading Capacity: 100-300Kg

Energy consumption: 3.8Kw/h

Temperature range: 18C to 80C

Material of trays: stainess steel 304

AIM Cabinet Dryer Machine is the easiest operation heat pump dryer/dehydrator, plug in and play. It with intelligent control panel, no need installation, also with wheels to move. View Equipment →

AIM DTC-07DB Heat Pump Industrial Mosquito-repellent Incense Dryer

Quick and Gentle Drying

Model Number: DTC-07DB

Loading Capacity: 300-700Kg,can combine to much more bigger capacity

Energy consumption: 10.6Kw/h

Temperature range: 18C to 80C

Drying room size: can be customized

Material of chamber walls: SS304

Material of trolleys and trays:SS304


For big capacity, dryer machine contact with dying chamber. Anti-rust stainless steel drying machine. Drying chamber, Portion board, trolleys and Trays all with food grade SS304. View Equipment →

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