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Licorice Dryer Machine | AIM

Licorice Dryer Machine | AIM

Licorice is a widely used natural sweetener used as a flavoring in candies, tobacco, beverages and pharmaceuticals, and sold as a dietary supplement.


Liquorice grows best in well-drained soils in deep valleys with full sun. It is harvested in the autumn two to three years after planting. Countries producing liquorice include China, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Turkey, Greece, Iran, and Iraq, etc..


Fresh licorice root needs to be dried as soon as possible, otherwise it will easily become moldy. However, the harvest of licorice roots is usually very large. If the traditional sun drying method is used, a large area of drying space is required, and due to weather, dust pollution and other factors, the quality of drying is uncontrollable. If ordinary electric heating equipment is used for drying, the electricity required to dry a batch of tens of tons of licorice roots will have a huge impact on the power grid.


Our AIM licorice dryer is currently the most efficient, energy-saving and lowest-cost solution. We have developed a new licorice root drying machine specifically for licorice. This licorice dehydrator can dry at least 5,000kg of fresh licorice roots at one time, with energy consumption as low as 60kWh per hour, which is 25% of that of ordinary electric drying equipment. The AIM licorice drying equipment has little impact on the power grid.




At the same time, the AIM licorice dryer is currently the most labor-saving drying equipment. Because our machine does not require the use of trays, a large amount of licorice roots can be piled directly on the drying bed of the machine to start drying. The AIM licorice dryer uses a high-capacity centrifugal fan, and the air flow in the entire oven is designed with negative pressure to ensure that the material at the bottom is dried as evenly as the top. There will be no situation where the bottom is dry and the top is still wet.


AIM licorice dryers have been widely promoted in western China. We have helped many licorice manufacturers save a lot of costs and improve quality. Many of our users report that the drying costs can be recovered in less than a year.


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You can also click on the following link to learn more about industrial herb drying techniques:https://www.aimheatpump.com/pages-26735

Heat Pump Industrial Licorice Drying Machine-----Click here to choose

Product: Dryera Heat Pump Licorice Dryer Equipment

Quick and Gentle Drying

Model Number: DPR-15

Loading Capacity: 3000kg-10,000kg, can combine to much more bigger capacity

Energy consumption: 18.8-41.5kw/h

Temperature range: 18C to 75C

Drying room size: can be customized

Material of chamber walls:SS304          

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