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AIM GROUP at Indonesia Jakarta Food Processing Machinery Exhibition

November 20, 2023
AIM GROUP at Indonesia Jakarta  Food Processing Machinery Exhibition

At the recent Indonesia Jakarta Food Processing Machinery Exhibition, AIM showcased its cutting-edge Commercial Food Dehydrators, including the popular Cabinet-type food dehydrator and Chamber type drying room. These innovative solutions are revolutionizing the food processing industry and have garnered significant attention at the exhibition.

The AGHD-30ELC food dehydrator has become a customer favorite, thanks to its compact size and remarkable versatility. With a wide drying temperature range of 18 to 80 degrees Celsius, it's suitable for dehydrating a wide range of foods, including fruits, meats, herbs, spices, seafood, and noodles. Its performance has made it a top choice for food processors looking to achieve exceptional results.

"We were thrilled to participate in the Indonesia Jakarta Food Processing Machinery Exhibition," said Jennifer, export manager at AIM Group. "Our food dryers, such as the AGHD-30ELC 36 tray dryer heat pump dehydrator and AGHD-70ELK food dehydrator chamber, reflect AIM's commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions tailored to the diverse needs of the food industry."

The exhibition provided an excellent opportunity for AIM to connect with industry professionals, share insights, and highlight its dedication to quality and innovation. The company looks forward to continuing its mission of revolutionizing the food processing industry with innovative equipment and solutions.

In this exhibition, we know some customers with drying needs, but they do not know what type of machine to choose, our salesmen use our professional knowledge, for different materials, recommend to very suitable machines for customers.

The first project, 1000kg dates drying, dates dehydration cabinet 1000kg capacity, our DTC-15FM can be selected.

The second project, 10 tons of fruit drying, fruits drying machine 10ton, then our DTC-15FM model can be selected.

The third project, 1000-1500kg of fish, fish dryer 1000kg, 1500kg capacity fish dryer machine, then our DHC-03 SB model can be selected.

The fourth project, 1000kg of meat, 1000kg meat dehydrator machine, DTR-15 model can be selected.

The fifth project, approximately 1200kg of food, 1200kg food dehydrator of our AGHD-70 ELC can be selected.

If you are also interested in our machine, please contact us!


You can also click on the following link to learn more about food drying machine: https://www.aimheatpump.com/products.




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