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With the development of modern agriculture, the market demand is getting bigger and bigger, and the quality requirement of silkworm cocoon is getting higher and higher. In order to ensure the quality of cocoons and improve the value of cocoons, an advanced and efficient drying way is needed to improve the quality of cocoons, and the heat pump dryer can just meet this demand.

This is a professional cocoon drying machine from AIM factory, has product invention patent, has many projects at home and abroad, and has helped many manufacturers.




Cocoon dryer advantage

1. Save on labor

The traditional tray drying needs 3 people, the conveyor dryer needs 4 people, the AIM drying equipment only needs one person, in the material operation only 1-2 hours, easy to manage 3 machines.

2. Low cost and cost saving

With the use of AIM drying equipment, the cost of dry cocoon drying is 650 yuan (0.8 yuan / degree), and biomass particles 1200-1300 yuan (1000 yuan / ton), coal 1400-1800 yuan.

3. Save space

 The space of conveying line drying equipment can display 10 AIM cocoon dryers, save 50% footprint; compared with the traditional tray loading drying system, it can save 70% footprint.(2 tons / day 10 square meters, 3 tons / day 13 square meters)

4. Good drying quality

The drying temperature of traditional drying room: 150-180℃; drying temperature 115-125℃; AIM cabinet-type silkworm cocoon dryer to creatively realize low-temperature dehumidification and drying, greatly improve the silkworm cocoon quality and effectively reduce the high-temperature aging of silk protein, maintaining good original luster and flexibility. Compared with the original two types of drying methods, the "cleanliness" of the key index of silk is greatly improved.

5. Convenient operation

Traditional tray oven room, need manual loading and unloading tray for many times, the workload is heavy; the conveying line requires 24 hours of manual assistance; AIM dryer only needs to pour the silkworm cocoon into the drying equipment to stack, after drying, the finished cocoon can be raked directly from the box.(One-button switch, intelligent control, no special person on duty)

6. Energy saving and environmental protection

Compared with coal burning, oil and gas, it can save about 75% of the operating costs. No combustion materials and emissions shall be produced during the operation. 

7. Long service life and low maintenance cost.


AIM , specializing in technology developing, manufacturing and marketing of heat pump dryers. With more than 20 years professional experience, our CEO and technical team provide excellent drying solution design and customized services. So far, we get CE, FDA and many other certifications. Compared with traditional drying equipment, AIM heat pump dryer will dry the material gently to keep color, smell and shape perfect. Meanwhile saving around 75% energy consumption.


AIM’s unique design to ensure the even drying effect for almost all drying materials. AIM’s closed drying system will steady work in any ambient condition. One piece design drying room will be perfectly suitable for container loading, you don’t need installation, but just connect to power supply to start drying by AIM machine. Compact structure reduces the cost of machine observably.


Let us know information of the material, also your question or confusion of drying process, AIM will provide a tailor made solution for you immediately. AIM heat pump dryer, MAKE YOUR DRYING EASY.

DRYERA Heat Pump Industrial Cocoon Drying Machine-----Click here to choose

Product: Dryera Heat Pump Cocoon Drying Machine

Quick and Gentle Drying

Model Number: DPR-15

Loading Capacity: 3000kg-10,000kg, can combine to much more bigger capacity

Energy consumption: 18.8-41.5kw/h

Temperature range: 18C to 75C

Drying room size: can be customized

Material of chamber walls:SS304          

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