​​​​​​​Main Standard Drafter For Heat Pump Dryer In China

Product Application


Product Application

AIM heat pump dehydrators are the most energy-efficient food dehydrators and drying ovens, small capacity cabinet tray drying models and large capacity drying chamber models. Using digital intelligent control to set temperature, drying time and humidity, 24 hours automatic operation. All food-grade SS304 materials are used, and other important components such as compressors, PLCs, fan motors, and electronic expansion valves are all from the top three suppliers. The service life is more than 10 years. Other smart features like ozone sterilization, WiFi control, 100% hydrolysis collection, no odor or material release odor sealing system... Ideal for food dehydration, fruit drying, vegetable drying, fish drying, commercial use dehydration, Meat drying, pepper drying, beef jerky dehydration, industrial drying, dried meat, coconut drying, tomato drying, onion drying, cardamom drying, etc.

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