​​​​​​​Main Standard Drafter For Heat Pump Dryer In China

Product Application

Heat pump herb dryer machine,75% energy saving. Low temperature drying can keeps very well of color,flavor, shape and nutrition.The most important is that can 100% collect the hydrosol if any need. Temperature is from 18C to 80C adjustable, perfect match for the herbs drying. With touch screen intelligent control board to set the drying time, temperature and humidity automatically. It suitable for different types of herbs drying such as medicinal Herbs, herb snow, medical herbal, hemp, angelica, wheat herb, honeysuckle, glossy ganoderma, plantain, Herba Plantaginis, palm kernel, American ginseng, maca, ashwagandha roots,lily root, Cordyceps sinensis, cordyceps militaris etc.

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