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Energy efficient drying machines have potential to save billions of dollars of fresh produce waste

February 16, 2022

Condensation Technology Enables Fruit And Vegetable Drying At Only 25% Of Energy Consumption

AIM Heat Pump designs and manufactures energy efficient heat pump dryers. The company's head offices are located in Guangdong, in Southern China. The company's technology can be used to dry fresh fruits and vegetables. Due to it's unique technology, drying is done with low energy use. Its machines come in different sizes, with capacities ranging from 50kg to 100 tons, suitable for small, mid-sized and large sized growers.

 Fruits prepared to be dried in one of the company's heat pump dryers



"Our condensation technology enables us to dry products energy efficiently. As a food dehydrator, our machine will save up to 75% of energy, at low temperatures, gently and with short drying cycles for fruits and vegetables dehydrating. The principle of our machine is similar to those principles behind air conditioning systems. It runs on electric power for heating. The main principal is energy transfer: we do not create heating, but instead we transfer the energy. Like air-conditioning, we transfer energy from outdoor to indoor. Our drying temperature are not higher than 80 degree Celsius. That is why in our machines the materials remain their good shape and flavors. The drying principle is not freeze-drying, but heat drying. We increase the temperature, but, in contrast to traditional machines, energy consumption remains low: only 25% compared to traditional heat drying techniques. Even in cold areas our machines still work very energy efficiently."

AIM's heat pump dryers machines


In China, the company supplies small, medium and large sized growers. Growers use the technology to dry parts of the fruit or vegetable harvests that were not sold fresh. Between 20% and 40% of fresh crops grown on farms usually get rejected for cosmetic reasons. This share of the harvested crop, that is not sold fresh, can be dried and then sold. For farmers, the option of earning money from a waste product, despite the cost, can be an incentive for many growers. 

The machine controls the humidity, ensuring that the end products can be 100% dried to make powder, or so that some softness remains, like with sun-dried apricots or mangoes. The quality is comparable to sun-dried fruits, but the drying process is hygienic, not weather dependant and much faster. Drying times depend largely on the different raw materials that are being dried. For example, for mango it takes under 20 hours. Most growers use our machine to improve the drying production efficiency, of course the rain season is a must for this drying machine.


"Our technology of heat pump drying is leading in the industry. In our domestic market and some oversea markets we have successfully sold our solutions. Our next stage of growth will be in overseas markets, where we have a lot of opportunity still. Our machines are stable, enable large energy savings and have reliable performance. We think we can help both small and large businesses. Our technology could be the solution to saving billions of dollars worth of wasted produce globally."

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