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Dehydrated fruits make good business for Sri Lanka mango grower

May 06, 2022

Globally, fresh produce market disruptions continue to exist due to local and regional flare ups of Covid-19 and delays and high prices for international freight. As a result, fresh produce companies reliant on international shipping times and shipping rates have started started to invest in systems and processing plants to sell their products in alternative forms to alternative export markets in Europe and the US.

Mangifera from Sri Lanka is one of these companies. The Sri Lanka mango producer and exporter has recently invested in AIM Heat Pump condensation technology drying facilities.


“We are a private limited company and leading mango plantation in Sri Lanka. We grow mango for the international market. Our company exports to Dubai, Germany and the Maldives. Our fresh mangoes have GAP certifications and we have invested in modern post-harvested practices”.

As a private limited company, the company has won several awards in Sri Lanka, including from the national Chamber of Commerce, to develop the village and supply high quality products to the local market. It’s work enhances people’s livelihood in the village.

“Our new venture is dehydrated fruits to global market. We are planning to introduce our products to various countries in US, Europe and Dubai.” In addition to dehydrated mangoes, bananas and papaya, the company is producing dehydrated pineapple and jack fruits.

The company produces TGC mango variety. This variety originates from Sri Lanka. It’s available year-round. The fruit is juicy, good for pulping and last well in storage and during transportation.

“Our current fresh mango business is challenged because of high freight price and fewer transport options. This is why we invested in dried and dehydrated fruits and related products. The risks are smaller and the returns are higher. Our company purchased heap pump dryer technology from AIM. We started this business expansion under Covid-19. In the end of 2020, we ordered the first machines from AIM.”

“With AIM’s heat pump technology, we produce better looking, colorful dried fruits with better nutritional qualities. The machines are fully automated. 

Previously, we used standard dryers, which were noisy, and final products did not look too appealing. Nutrition and having a natural color are two very important factors for the final product.”


                                                                                           Large capacity heat drying machines by AIM Heat Pump Dryer

“The important factor is that now we can store the products for longer periods of time. Typically, after harvest, 30% of produce goes wasted. With dehydration methods we can minimize wastage, and increase our profits and returns. Our current range is 250kg per day. We recently placed another order for two machines to increase our capacity with 500 kg a day to 750kg a day.”


“Another big advantage of AIM’s heat pump drying technology is that it saves up to 75% electricity compared to traditional drying machines. Secondly, it is good for the quality of dried products. Because we can control the temperature, and the humidity, the end products are of better quality. Humidity is important for the shape. Temperature is lower than for traditional drying machines, at +-80 degrees, to persevere the nutritional values better. Our mangoes are dried at 45-55 degrees, a relatively low temperature, and gentle drying helps to protect nutrition, colour, and shape. Our main markets are US, Europe and Dubai.

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