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Cardamom Drying Machine | AIM Heat Pump Dryer


Cardamom Drying Machine | AIM Heat Pump Dryer

The seeds of cardamom, either as a spice or as a herb.Mainly produced in India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Thailand and so on.

AIM Cardamom bucket type heat pump dryer, perfect for cardamom drying.Its advantages are very obvious, first of all, compared with other dryers, it can save energy about 75%, and simple to operate, also will not destroy the nutritional value of the cardamom itself.

This machine is also the best-selling product in our factory.

We already have very rich experience in cardamom drying and have cardamom drying project in many areas. 

Here is the drying plan for the dryer: 

Stage 1: Temperature set to 45℃, drying time is 4 hours:

Stage 2: The temperature is et to 47℃ and the drying time is 4 hours. 

Stage3:  Set the temperature as 50℃ and set the drying time as 3 hours. 

Stage 4:  The temperature is 52℃ and the drying time is 3 hours.

Stage 5:  Set the temperature as 54℃ -75℃, and the drying time is 6 hours. 

2 kg of fresh cardamom can dry 0.5 kg of dried cardamom, the whole drying process, the temperature is 45℃-75 ℃, the entire drying time was 20 hours.


Product description

AGHD-15ELC AIM Dry Cardamom Dehydrator Heat Pump Dryer Small Spice Drying Machine 

Quick and Gentle Drying

Model Number: AGHD-15ELC
Material Loading Capacity: 100-150kg
Energy consumption: 2kw/h
Temperature range: 18C to 80C
Material of trays: stainess steel 304

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Product: Dryera Heat Pump Cardamom Drying Machine

Quick and Gentle Drying

Model Number: DPR-15

Loading Capacity: 3000kg-10,000kg, can combine to much more bigger capacity

Energy consumption: 18.8-41.5kw/h

Temperature range: 18C to 75C

Drying room size: can be customized

Material of chamber walls:SS304          

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