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AIM | High End heat pump dehydration dryer with good price

AIM | High End heat pump dehydration dryer with good price

(Beautiful in appearance and reasonable in structure), heat pump dehydration dryer is designed to be highly user-friendly and easy to install. With its streamlined installation process, heat pump dehydration dryer effectively saves valuable installation time and energy. Its aesthetically pleasing design and smart structure make it a top choice for users looking for the best in both beauty and functionality. Experience the benefits of heat pump dehydration dryer today and enjoy a seamless installation process that gets the job done quickly and efficiently.
Products Details

Always striving toward excellence, AIM has developed to be a market-driven and customer-oriented enterprise. We focus on strengthening the capabilities of scientific research and completing service businesses. We have set up a customer service department to better provide customers with prompt services including order tracking notice. heat pump dehydration dryer We have professional employees who have years of experience in the industry. It is them that provides high-quality services for customers all over the world. If you have any questions about our new product heat pump dehydration dryer or want to know more about our company, feel free to contact us. Our professionals would love to help you at any time.Customers love the (heat pump dehydration dryer) because it sports a stunning appearance, boasts a compact structure, and has a small size. Installing it is a breeze, making it a top pick among users.

Product description

Product: AIM Cabinet Dryer Machine

Quick and Gentle Drying

Model Number: AGHD-30ELC

Material Loading Capacity: 200-300kg

Energy consumption: 3kw/h

Temperature range: 18C to 80C

Material of trays: Stainless steel 304

Intelligent Control Panel


Intelligent control panel
Set temperature, humidity and drying time 

Operate automaticly


With different sections available
Can set different parameters in different section
Can control the use open loop or closed loop

Product parameters

  Model  Unit  AGHD-30ELC
  Heat dry, Cool dry, Dehumidify
  Temperature Control  ℃  18~80℃
  Humidity Control  %  5%-99%
  Trays Quantites  PCS  36 PCS / 70PCS
  Dehumidification Capacity  L/h  9L/h
  Trays Size  mm  800x600x20 mm
  Rated Power Input  W  3.3 kW/h
  Rated Current Input  A  16A
  Compressor Brand
  Net Weight (KG)  kg  404 kg
  Gross Weight (KG)  kg  484 kg
  Dimension LxWxH  mm  1600×860×2180 mm

Why choose us?



It combines the advantage of just open or closed loop avoids their disadvantage, it isthe most energy saving heat pump dryer.

Comparison of Different Heat Pump Dryer

VSAIM Open and closed loopOpen loopClosed loop
Temp. Range 18-80℃ 18-80℃ Ambient temp. to 65℃
Heat Dry Yes Yes Yes
Cool Dry Yes Yes No
Dehumidify Yes No Yes
Energy saving under begining drying stage(humidity>30%) ? Yes No Yes
Energy saving under nending drying stage(humidity<30%) ? Yes Yes

Need more electricity than 

traditonalelectric heater type

Precise control of temperature? Yes Yes No
Precise control of humidity? Yes No Yes
Still effiency if ambient temp. less than 10℃?

Firstly use open loop to increase temp. 
to 30C quikcly, then switch to closed
loop to acheive the highest  efficiency

Very low efficiency Very low efficiency
Can collect 100% hydrolat for flowers, herbs etc.? Yes Yes No

Product details

201 Stainless Steel Material,Corrosion Prevention

Titanium Golden Evaporator and Condender

AIM Developed Intelligent PCB

Pasonic Brand Compressor

360 Degree Removable Wheel

Food Grade Sainless Steel, Support Customization, 36 Or 70 Trays Are Optional

Internal Drying Can Be Observed

Heat Recovery System Saves 30% Electricity More

Applicable Materials
Fish Drier
Flower and Herbs Drying
Fruit Drying
Wood Drying
Meat Dehydrate
Pet Food Drying
Nuts Dehydrate
Pasta&Noodles Dehydrate
Spices Dehydrate
Vegetable Dehydrate
Why Heat Pump Dryer?

Heat Pump Dehydrator

AIM heat pump based condensation drying reconciles all these seemingly conflicting qualities: 75% energy saving, low temperatures, gentle drying, short drying cycles, quality results, customized air routeing, integrated heat pump technology, energetically open and closed system. Fancy innovation? We made a compare test of the heat pump dryer and convetional electric heater dryer machine

Click here to view the compare test  of heat pump dryer!!!

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