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factory Direct cabinet dryer for food company | AIM
  • factory Direct cabinet dryer for food company | AIM

factory Direct cabinet dryer for food company | AIM

cabinet dryer for food works based on electricity and free heat in the air. It achieves zero emissions, zero pollution, and environmental protection, without causing any harm to the human body.
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  • Guided by scientific and technological innovation, AIM always keeps outward-oriented and sticks to the positive development on the basis of technological innovation. cabinet dryer for food Having devoted a lot to product development and service quality improvement, we have established a high reputation in the markets. We promise to provide every customer throughout the world with prompt and professional service covering the pre-sales, sales, and after-sales services. No matter where you are or what business you are engaged in, we'd love to help you deal with any issue. If you want to know more details about our new product cabinet dryer for food or our company, feel free to contact us.This appliance is fitted with a top-of-the-line evaporator cabinet dryer for food that can extract heat from the surrounding air, thus slowing down the frosting process significantly. What's more, thanks to its original design, it can function smoothly in lower temperature settings, ensuring reliable and consistent performance (label inside the parentheses preserved).

    Product description

    Product: AIM Heat Pump Food Drying Machine

    Quick and Gentle Drying

    Model Number: JMHPK-50CTCL

    Loading Capacity:3000-10,000kg,can combine to much more bigger capacity

    Energy consumption: 18.8-41.5kw/h

    Temperature range: ambient -75C

    Drying room size: can be customized

    Material of chamber walls:SS304            

    Product parameters
    Temp. Controlambient-75cambient-75cambient-75c
    Dehumi. CapacityL/h35~4555~7585-105
    Heat dry, Cool dry, DehumidifyHeat dry, Cool dry, DehumidifyHeat dry, Cool dry, Dehumidify

    Rated Power InputkW18.829.441.5
    Rated Current InputA37.358.478.8
    Emergency Auxiliary Heating Power InputkW183030
    Refrigerant Type
    Weight and packing

    Operation ambient Temp.-5-50-5-50-5-50
    Machine Dimension(L*W*H)mm1610*1950*22802000*1950*24802700*1950*2480

    Products introduction


    This dehydrator machine with different size, from small to large capacity optional.

    It is all in one unit, no need installation.

    The machine can perfectly match with the shipping containers size, once you receive the machine, connect the power, load the material, set the drying process on the PLC is ok to operation. Totally automatic and 24 hours unattended operation.

    The new heat pump technology used in the drying industry is a major breakthrough, which saves the operation cost up to 75%. The difference similar as the traditional electric water heater and the heat pump water heater, because heat pump is to transfer the heat in the air from outside to the chamber inside.


    Use heat pump technology which can saves 75% electricity
    The material can stack in the machine, easy to load and unload the products

    Bellowing is the electricity consumption in different dryers:

    Heating methodElectric heaterCoal boilerCoal-fired boilerNatural gas boilerNomal HPDOur HPD
    Calories required to remove 1kg of waterAccording to relevant authoritative information, the average heat required to remove 1kg of water is 1.35kw/kg, or 1161kcal/kg
    Fuel typeElectricityCoalDiesel fuelNatural gasElectricityElectricity
    Burning value860kcal/kwh5500kcal/kg8000kcal/L8600kcal/m3860kcal/kwh860kcal/kwh
    Thermal efficiency95%30%85%85%300%500%
    Effective calorific value817kcal1650kcal6800kcal7310kcal2580kcal4300kcal
    unit price of fuel0.6yuan/kwh1yuan/kg7.4yuan/L5yuan/m30.6yuan/kwh0.6yuan/kwh
    consume fuel0.852kwh0.7kg0.17L0.159m30.27kwh0.162kwh
    running cost0.8520.71.260.7950.270.162
    labor costMeddiumHighHighHighMeddiumLow
    Safety performanceNot safeNot safeNot safeNot safeNot safeSafe
    Environmental pollutionNovery seriousquite seriousquite seriousNoNo
    Equipment service life5-8 years6-9years6-9years6-9years6-10years10-15years
    Products Details
    Digital PLC control board easy to set your parameters like drying temperature, humidity and drying time etc. 
    Modular Design System. Tools free to open the drying machine and inspect each parts for maintenance
    Panted negative fan design, even on the top with strong wind, products can be dried 100% evenly
    Stack the products on the mesh plate is ok. Hot air will go penetrate from bottom to top and dry the products. Saves a lot of labor to load and unload the products.

    Comparison of Different Heat Pump Dryer


    VSAIM Open and closed loopOpen loopClosed loop
    Temp. Range 18-80℃ 18-80℃ Ambient temp. to 65℃
    Heat Dry Yes Yes Yes
    Cool Dry Yes Yes No
    Dehumidify Yes No Yes
    Energy saving under begining drying stage(humidity>30%) ? Yes No Yes
    Energy saving under nending drying stage(humidity<30%) ? Yes Yes

     Need more electricity than
     traditonal electric heater type

    Precise control of temperature? Yes Yes No
    Precise control of humidity? Yes No Yes
    Still effiency if ambient temp. less than 10℃?

     Firstly use open loop to increase temp. 
    to 30C quikcly, then switch to closed
    loop to acheive the highest  efficiency

     Very low efficiency Very low efficiency
    Can collect 100% hydrolat for flowers, herbs etc.? Yes Yes No
    Applicable Materials
    Fruit Dehydrate
    Nuts Dehydrate
    Fish Dehydrate
    Timber Drying
    Sausage&Meat Dehydrate
    Pet Food Dehydrate
    Flowers and Leaves Dehydrate
    Pasta&Noodles Dehydrate
    Spices Dehydrate
    Vegetable Dehydrate
    What Is Open and Closed Loop Heat Pump Dryer?

    Open and Closed Loop

    Open and closed loop heat pump dryer mean you can choose open or closed loop as your need. Open loop is similar as air conditioner, mainly to use cool dry or hot dry. Closed loop mainly for the dehumidification funtion. Normally choose the closed loop for the begining, because the products with high humidity at the begining. Once the humidity precentage decease, then change to open loop, which use a higher temperature to dry the products until full dried.

    Of course, the machine can choose open or closed loop automatically once you set the tempeature and humidity required. For example, for the fish drying, it need to be sealed(no bad odor comes out), and the drying tempeature is around 20C. Then the machine will mainly use closed loop to dehumidify, but if the tempeature is higher than 20C, will chang to open loop automatically to decrease the tempeature, then change back to closed loop once tempeature is down.

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