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Practical food dehydrator manufacturers all sizes | AIM

Practical food dehydrator manufacturers all sizes | AIM

food dehydrator manufacturers comes with a top-of-the-line compressor that boasts stable and efficient performance while providing high heat exchange efficiency. Durable and resistant to impact and corrosion, this equipment ensures a long-lasting service life. Choose food dehydrator manufacturers for unparalleled reliability and lasting value.
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  • At AIM, technology improvement and innovation are our core advantages. Since established, we have been focusing on developing new products, improving product quality, and serving customers. food dehydrator manufacturers AIM is a comprehensive manufacturer and supplier of high-quality products and one-stop service. We will, as always, actively provide prompt services such. For more details about our food dehydrator manufacturers and other products, just let us know.food dehydrator manufacturers is equipped with a high-quality compressor. It has anti-aging and anti-carbonization properties. It is not easy to get damaged under high-pressure and high-temperature conditions.

    Product description

    Product: AIM Chamber /Trolley Type Heat Pump Dryer

    Quick and Gentle Drying

    Model Number: AGHD-60ELC

    Loading Capacity: 600-800kg,can combine to much more bigger capacity

    Energy consumption: 6kw/h

    Temperature range: 18C to 80C

    Drying room size: can be customized

    Material of chamber walls: SS304

    Material of trolleys and trays:SS304

    Product parameters

     Model  Unit  AGHD-60ELC
      Heat dry, Cool dry, Dehumidify
     Temperature Control  ℃  18~80℃
     Humidity  Control(%)  5%-99%
     Dehumidification Capacity  L/h  18 L/h
     Rated Power Input  kW/h  6.4
     Rated Current Input  A  12
     Compressor Brand
     Net Weight
      kg  206
     Gross Weight   kg  286
     Dimension LxWxH  mm  1440*1300*1250

    Why choose us?



    It combines the advantage of just open or closed loop avoids their disadvantage, it isthe most energy saving heat pump dryer.

    Intelligent Control Panel


    18-80℃ Drying Temperature
    Humidity Range Can Be Set
    Drying time setting


    Different Stages Setting
    Meet The Drying Needs Of A Variety Of Materials
    Automatic Working Setting

    Comparison of Different Heat Pump Dryer


    VSAIM Open and closed loopOpen loopClosed loop
    Temp. Range 18-80℃ 18-80℃ Ambient temp. to 65℃
    Heat Dry Yes Yes Yes
    Cool Dry Yes Yes No
    Dehumidify Yes No Yes
    Energy saving under begining drying stage(humidity>30%) ? Yes No Yes
    Energy saving under nending drying stage(humidity<30%) ? Yes Yes

    Need more electricity than

     traditonal electric heater type

    Precise control of temperature? Yes Yes No
    Precise control of humidity? Yes No Yes
    Still effiency if ambient temp. less than 10℃?

    Firstly use open loop to increase temp. 
    to 30C quikcly, then switch to closed
    loop to acheive the highest  efficiency

    Very low efficiency Very low efficiency
    Can collect 100% hydrolat for flowers, herbs etc.? Yes Yes No


    Hot air can change direction with 3 hours interval Material be dried more evenly

    Product details

    Whole Unit With Stainless Steel, Corrosion Resistant And Ruts-Proof

    Titanium Golden Heat Exchanger

    AIM Developed Intelligent PCB

    Intenational Famous Brand Compressor

    Not Affected By The Environment

    Food Grade Stainless Steel

    No Harm To Food

    Food Grade SS304 For Trolley

    Heat Recovery System Saves 30% Electricity More

    Applicable Materials
    Fish Drying
    Flower leaves Drying
    Fruit Dehydrator
    Lumber Drying
    Meat&Sausage Drying
    Apricots Dehydrator
    Nut Drying
    Pasta&Noodles Drying
    Spices Drying
    Vegetable Dehydrator
    What Is Heat Pump Dryer?

    Heat Pump Dehydration

    The heat pump dehydrator was developed to enhance the energy efficiency of the drying process by air source heat transfer and recovering the latent heat. It can saves up to 75% energy, more efficient and perfect drying effects. The drying system typically consists of evaporator, condenser, compressor, fan, and a drying chamber with trays or trolleys of trays.

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