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AIM H-VHT Fruit Treatment Machine

Fruit quarantine is a crucial link in global trade, which ensures that fruits transported across different countries do not carry pests, thus protecting the agricultural safety of the receiving countries. As a mature quarantine treatment method, Vapour Heat Treatment (VHT) plays an important role in the control of pests and pathogens in fruits. With the progress of technology, the emergence of AIM heat pump technology brings new opportunities for VHT, improving treatment efficiency and reducing environmental impacts.


Role of VHT in fruit quarantine

VHT technology uses water vapor to heat the fruit to eliminate pests and pathogens by increasing the temperature inside the fruit. This method is able to efficiently handle those fruits that are sensitive to traditional chemical treatments, while avoiding chemical residues, meeting the market demand for organic and no chemical residue products. The key to VHT is that it can eliminate pests without damaging the quality of the fruit.


Introduction of the AIM heat pump technology

AIM heat pump technology is an advanced thermal energy management solution, which provides an energy-saving and environmentally friendly heating method through efficient energy conversion and utilization. The AIM heat pump can provide the same heat output at lower energy consumption, which makes it particularly suitable for VHT processes, which require a lot of heat energy.


Combination of VHT with AIM heat pump technology

AIM's latest heat pump VHT equipment has the following advantages:

Energy efficiency improvement: The high energy efficiency ratio of AIM heat pumps means a significant reduction in energy consumption for the same thermal energy, which helps reduce operating costs and reduce the environmental footprint.


Accurate temperature control: AIM heat pump technology can accurately control the temperature during the heating process, which is crucial to ensure the effect of VHT and fruit quality.

Rapid cooling: The AIM heat pump VHT can quickly switch to the cooling mode, and quickly cool the fruit after the completion of the heat treatment, to ensure that the quality of the fruit is not affected.

Environmental friendly: Because heat pump technology does not rely on the combustion of fossil fuels, it produces almost no greenhouse gas emissions during operation, and is an environmentally friendly heating option.

Easy to operate: Automatic control of the AIM heat pump system reduces the need for manual operation, reduces labor intensity, and improves the reliability of the overall processing process.  


Flexibility: The AIM heat pump technology can adapt to different processing sizes and different fruit types, providing flexibility for manufacturers of different sizes.

Low cost: The AIM heat pump VHT is only about 30% of the power consumption of traditional equipment, while the machine is not expensive, and the average fruit exporter can afford it.


As a key technology of fruit quarantine, VHT not only improves the treatment efficiency, but also reduces the environmental impact by combining with AIM heat pump technology. This combination provides an efficient, environmentally friendly and economical solution for fruit quarantine, which is expected to play a greater role in the future processing of agricultural products. With the increasing global focus on food safety and sustainable agricultural practices, the combination of AIM heat pump technology and VHT will become an important force driving the development of the industry.

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